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The ski hill operates most Sundays and some special holidays normally from mid-December until late April.

Opening is dependent on volunteers, so please check our Facebook page for current updates.

open sundays *

The ski hill operates every Sunday *when we have volunteers* to run the operation and some special holidays between mid-December and late April.

We try to post on Fridays on the TSC Facebook page, so please check before you come.
Regrettably, we can’t always open on every Sunday.

The hours of operation are from 10:30am till 3:30pm.

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Tweedsmuir Ski Club

Tweedsmuir Ski Club

Winter activities at the top of "the hill" both cross country and down hill (with a bit of snowmobiling thrown in!)

6 days ago

Tweedsmuir Ski Club
Karls loop and the meadow loop trail were tracked today (Feb 16). Also the 12k was tracked, many thanks to the volunteers who put in the ski track and flagged the route for the groomers!7km was also retracked Happy skiing ... See MoreSee Less
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7 days ago

Tweedsmuir Ski Club
Ski hill open on Saturday Feb 17th and closed on Sunday the 18th in support of the xc ski event . ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Tweedsmuir Ski Club
XC trails were groomed today! (Feb 12) Karl’s, Jack Rabbit, 7k, Pederson and Old Highway were all tracked! ... See MoreSee Less
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Ski Hill | Tweedsmuir Skii Club
Tweedsmuir Ski Club | Ski Hll
The East Branch ski hill is a small ski hill serviced by a Mueller handle bar tow of approximately 300 metres in length.

The ski hill is located 3.5 km from the parking lot at the Rainbow Range trail head, which is adjacent to Highway 20, approximately 40 km west of Anahim Lake or 95 km east of Bella Coola.

The lat/long of the parking lot is 52° 31.968’N, 125 48.797’W, while the lat/long of the ski hill is 52° 32.235’N, 125° 50.946’W.

The trail to the ski hill is a good groomed trail, with an 8-10′ groomed width and takes approximately 45 minutes on snow shoes or skis with skins.

Most boarders and skiers either have their own snowmobiles to get to the hill, or there is usually someone who will give you a ride from the parking lot on a snowmobile.

Lineups are not usually a problem as our facility has adequate capacity to keep up to customers.

A ropeway handlebar tow powered by a Honda gas engine carries riders to the top in just over 2 minutes.

Only the bottom of area of the ski hill between the Roundhouse and the loading station of the lift is groomed as the remaining portion of the hill is famous for its ungroomed powder snow.

Beginners can practice on the hill between the Roundhouse and the lift, but they have to walk back up.

Lift fees

If you don’t plan on becoming a Tweedsmuir Ski Club member then you will need to bring the exact change for your lift fee ($10 for a student, $15 for adult and $35 for a family/day), but riders who are ski club members will have their name recorded and they will be sent a monthly invoice for lift fees. To save on lift fees, click the button below.

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Tweedsmuir Ski Club

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