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Our Club operates a ski hill and lift, cross country trailing with new warming cabin, and a new day use ski and snowboard cabin.

The Ski Hill

Located at 52° 32.235’N, 125° 50.946’W via a 3.5 km groomed trail from the East Branch — Rainbow Range Parking Lot is a small  hill serviced by a handle bar tow.

Tweedsmuiir Ski Club | The ski hill

The New Roundhouse

We are very excited that BC Parks is well along in replacing the old day use cabin (the Roundhouse) with a beautiful new Day Cabin. Located at the ski hill, this new day use only cabin is for warming up and enjoying the day while boarding or skiing.  (It has a wood stove, firewood and a propane burner for cooking lunch).

New Ski Hill Warming Cabin by BC Parks at Tweedsmuir Ski Club

The Tow Shack

Our Mueller Ropeway handle bar tow system — the longest remaining licensed surface handle bar tow in British Columbia!

The Tow Shack at Tweedsmuir Ski Club park

The Groomer

A Pisten Bully 60 Hp groomer that we use to groom the trail from the East Branch parking lot to the Ski Hill and to keep the trail to the alpine open for snowmobiles.

The Groomer at Tweedsmuir Ski Club park

The XC Day Cabin

We have new day use XC warming cabin located very close to Highway 20 on the south side of the highway at the Cross Country parking lot which is about 5 km east of the East Branch Creek Parking Lot. It is only for day use XC users.

A brand new warming hut for XC Skiiers near the parking lot of the Tweedsmuir Ski Club recreation area.
Tweedsmuir Ski Club logo Est 1965

Tweedsmuir Ski Club

Tweedsmuir Ski Club
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